CYPRIOT PEOPLE are known for their Hospitality, accompanied by authentic smiles and friendly faces, this is what characterizes Greek Cypriot people. They are Loyal to family bonds, traditions and culture, lovers of a fresh Mediterranean diet.

Cypriots are always friendly and approachable. In fact, the word hospitality in Greek (the official language spoken in the Greek-Cypriot part of the island) is called “filoksenia” which has two stems namely, “filos” meaning “friend” and “ksenos” meaning “guest” or “tourist”. Cypriots are then friendly to their guests and tourists, as their mother tongue suggests.

There is multilingualism on the island and although the official languages are Greek and Turkish, English is also widely used and when it comes to business transactions and everyday conversations with people from overseas. Other languages such as French, Russian, Romanian and German are also spoken in Cyprus, since a lot of the business transactions involve people coming from these countries.

People in Cyprus value delicious fresh Mediterranean. The famous “Meze”, which is a wide selection of small, deliciously tasting dishes is best enjoyed “halara” (with a slow pace) with a pleasant company and a nice glass of a well-known traditional Cyprus wine.